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What Goes Into A Full Body Workout?

What Goes Into A Full Body Workout? Posted On
Posted By Eve A

If you’re feeling motivated right now and you’ve taken the afternoon off to spend some time on yourself, then why not go for a full body workout? You can use the gym equipment, an outdoor workout center, or do it at home. Of course, the more kit and resources you have, the more rounded your workout can be. A full body workout should work every muscle in your body. It should also raise your heart rate, and work your lungs to provide more oxygen for your body.

Start with a warm-up. If you’re going to work everything, then this warm-up should be comprehensive. The best approach to make sure you don’t miss everything is to start from the top and work your way down. The neck is always very vulnerable. Gentle movements and stretches here are best. Any tension in the shoulders should be worked out before you begin too. Start to raise your heart rate a little to help the muscles and joints limber up.

You’re going to need to spend a little time on fingers, hands, and wrists, as well as your toes, feet, and ankles. These will be load bearing during a full body workout so make sure they’re ready. Your full body workout should focus on muscle strength, muscle flexibility, and reflex or response. This means you need to build up speed with your reactions, as you would need in sports like tennis or football.

Spend extra time on the larger muscles like the quads and glutes. Check out plenty of different websites like booty miracle if you want to find some exercises you might not have tried before. Now focus on your core. This is the part of your body that will help you balance, retain good posture, and support every other movement you make.

Time for the cardio. If you’re at home, you can jog, bound, bounce, and sprint on the spot. If you include large arm movements, this will work your cardiovascular system even harder. Burpees push the strength and muscle work while you’re increasing your heart rate too. Mix it up. Take a 60-second rest then work for another five minutes. Now start to reduce your resting periods and increase your work times. This will push your stamina to new levels. Why not keep a record of what you’re achieving each time you do a full body workout.

Muscles should be pretty warm by now, and some may be feeling the effects of a hard workout. Always cool down with stretching as much as you did with the warm up. You may find you can get a bit deeper into the stretches. Don’t be tempted to bounce, though as you may damage something. Just gently push in and release when you’re happy you’ve stretched thoroughly.

Mixing up your movements, exercises or activities is the best way to enjoy an afternoon for a full body workout. Think swimming, aerobics, and weight training. Or why not try Yoga, tennis, and kickboxing? What goes into your full body workouts?

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