The Unusual Workouts Which Are Topping Weight Loss Charts

Unusual workouts which are topping weight loss charts Posted On
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When on the hunt for weight loss workouts, many of us follow the same pattern. Cycling always scores high, and its full body benefits aren’t to be sniffed at. Jogging also rates high on many a weight loss wish list.

While there’s nothing wrong with standard options, many of us fail to get into a routine with them. Why? Because they’re boring! Some people take to jogging daily like ducks take to water, but the majority of us can’t think of anything worse. As such, our routine soon goes out the window.

The good news is, there are some fun packed exercise options out there. And, often, these burn more calories than tried and tested methods. It’s hard to believe but, cross our heart, fun exercise exists. For proof, try the following suggestions.


Skipping is what we do when we’re kids, right? It’s hardly most people’s first port of call for weight loss. But, you’d fail to find an exercise which burns more calories than this. At a whopping 1,074 calories per hour, you’d be crazy not to give it a try. If you invest in one of the weighted options on the market, you even stand to tone your arms while you skip. Even better, your childhood memories will ensure this is an enjoyable experience.

Bear in mind that skipping is such a high-calorie burner because it’s about as physical as exercise gets. You might not want to jump straight into a heavy going routine. Try, first, cutting down on fatty foods. Gentle leg exercises will also help you prepare. And, if your weight as it stands has caused high blood pressure or heart issues, it may be a good idea to participate in weight loss programs to get rid of excess fat before you start. Otherwise, your get fit attempts could end in disaster.

Martial Arts

Martial arts, particularly taekwondo, are also surprisingly beneficial for weight loss. Taekwondo comes second of the list, at 937 calories per hour. Again, the full body aspect of these practices is where the main benefits lie. Bear in mind that the weight loss benefits vary between methods. You won’t always be looking at such high-calorie loss. But, all martial arts have at least some weight loss benefits. Even better, signing up for a class is sure to be fun. The interactive nature of the arts makes it likely that you’ll relish those weekly activities.


How many of you have always wanted to join a dance group? Now is your chance to do it, because dancing burns 370 calories per hour. Sometimes more if you opt for sessions such as Zumba, which have a particular weight loss focus.While this doesn’t quite match the high loss ratio of the other activities, a two-hour session twice a week could still see you burning 1480 calories. Plus, you get the chance to have a lot of fun while you do it. And, you’ll finally get round to the dance class you’ve been dreaming of!



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