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Sporting Trends Of 2017 For Woodland Cardio Sports

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If you’ve been doing a sport for a long time, it can get stale. It’s human nature to want something new and never-before-tried. We love variety because it keeps us on our toes and open to new experiences. Changing it up challenges the body in new ways and when put through a new pace, new environment and tested to new limits, your beloved sport really makes you push yourself. You also get to see whether you’re as tough as you think because when you’ve never been to a place in your mind where you have to dig deeper than ever before to get yourself over the finishing line or meet a goal, you don’t really know. However, that’s just the human side, the world of sport demands you’re knowledgeable about the sport you love so dear. Half of the battle is just being wise and studying the latest equipment that can help you achieve that last rep, last mile, last few tenths of a second. It’s no wonder that many people want to know what’s currently going on in their sport.


Powering down the hill

Cycling is incredibly good for your health because much like swimming, every muscle group is worked. Cycling has become more accessible than ever with mountain bikes, BMX, and street bicycles all becoming cheaper and readily available to all classes of customers. The newest design trend of 2017 for mountain bikes is the elevated chainstay that allows rides to clear rock and perform high-speed jumps. Previously if you took to the air when thundering down a slope, it wasn’t your suspension that would take a blow, but your chain. Now, however, with Yeti Cycles new SB5+, the suspension is also elevated and give further clearance to the change giving it more range. This isn’t very appealing to most riders because the aesthetics look peculiar. However people who are serious about their mountain biking, want function over form, and this allows them to go faster, take turns harder and not be in doubt that their chains will collapse from various impacts.


You can buy elevated chain kits online, but if you’re quite happy with your current bike, it’s best to stock up on knowledge. There are many sources of knowledge for you to absorb a comprehensive guide to bike anatomy. Should your bike break of malfunction in the middle of the woods when you’re far from the nearest point of contact, you’ll need to know how your bike works, the mechanical engineering behind it, and how you could fix the bike on the go. It may potentially save your life one day, so before you venture out into the woods to a taste of adventure, know your way around your steel steed.


Trends that run

In 2017 running shoes have gone all out on adaptive footwear that enhances and supports a broad range of foot shapes, body types, and body weights. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 have taken into account that many new runners need soles that spread out rather than flatten over time. That’s why the weight of running shoes is actually increasing despite better materials being used. You can’t escape the fact that padding is needed to make sure the majority of people will feel as their foot is supported different angles.


This is why if you plan on getting off the pavement and run in the woods on a muddy, rocky path, this adaptive padding and smoother transition from heel to toe design will save you a lot of pain. Previously, manufacturers thought that customers acquired deep heels to protect pain from shin splints and knee joint problems. However, newer trends suggest bouncier rubber underneath the shoes, together with a comprehensive push-back padding inside the shoe, stabilizes the ride comfort and increases speed.


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