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Playing The Hand Life Deals You, And Giving Yourself An Advantage

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It’s fair to say that in life, nature deals each of us a better or worse hand, and we have to decide how to play it. We all know at least one person who has the ability to eat what they want and stay in shape. Similarly, we all know someone who does everything the “right” way but gets ill because sometimes, life isn’t fair. And so when it comes to playing the hand we are dealt, it’s not really cheating to try and make it better.

One way or another, we can be frustrated by the limitations nature throws our way. Maybe we have a pain condition that stops us doing everything we’d like to be able to do. Some of us have breathing difficulties that make long runs hard to deal with. We can accept those limitations, or we can look for ways to make them less of a problem. The key is in knowing what is possible.


Problem: Periods of Depression


It’s an unfortunate fact that – whatever our station in life – some of us are prone to feeling depressed. Situational factors can contribute. It’s possible to be depressed when you’re rich, successful or in love. It’s more likely you’ll feel it when one of those aspects, or another, is missing. But depression does not discriminate.

Solution: Eating a better diet, getting more exercise and talking over your problems are all essential. If it is more acute, then medications both pharmaceutical and natural can help symptoms.


Problem: Fatigue


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We all feel worse, more tired, if we have been overworked or haven’t had enough sleep. But sometimes, it creeps up on us even if we’ve been living healthily, keeping our work-life balance in check. Even if we get the requisite amount of sleep, we can still get jaded and worn out. And this can stop us living the life we want to live.

Solution: If you aren’t missing anything from your diet, and your sleep is fine, look elsewhere. Are you carrying stress from a worry you’re trying to ignore? It could be a health issue, so see a doctor if you can’t think of a reason for your problem.


Problem: Sexual Performance Issues

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Whether male or female, we can all be the victim of issues in the bedroom. These range from not being able to perform sexually, not getting pleasure from the act, or getting too much pleasure too quickly. As a side issue, these can result in frustration, embarrassment and insecurity. No matter how we try to laugh them off, it hurts.

Solution: There are pharmaceutical solutions to these problems, and also herbal approaches. Icariin is one recommended treatment, and if used responsibly has no safety concerns, outside of interactions with other medication. Also, it is essential to talk things over with your partner. If it is allowed to become psychological it can destroy a relationship.

The key to bear in mind is that any problem that does not come from an obvious physical source needs holistic treatment. You can take as many pills and potions as you want, but if there is an underlying cause it needs to come out. That means talking about things and looking at your lifestyle. Just treating the symptom means letting the cause go; the end result is that it will return.

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