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How To Stop Yourself Gaining Weight

How To Stop Yourself Gaining Weight Posted On
Posted By Eve A

When it comes to avoiding gaining weight, limiting your calorie intake is just one step that you can take. Ultimately, it takes a combination of lifestyle adjustments which all add up to improving your overall chances of not gaining weight. We all know how important it is that you maintain a healthy body weight throughout your entire life, but sometimes that simple fact is overlooked.

You may be asking what are the best ways to avoid weight gain or what if you’re still gaining weight after gastric bypass surgery? So, let’s take a look at some of these handy tips for avoiding gaining weight through lifestyle changes.


Weigh Yourself on a Regular Basis

If you don’t regularly keep track of your weight, you will never be in a position where you know what is causing your weight gain. Keep track of what you are eating and jot this down every day. Also, think about how much exercise you are getting and the other factors that could influence how much you weigh. You will then be able to make small adjustments so you are better able to pinpoint whether there is a change you need to make in your overall lifestyle.   


Manage Your Stress Levels

Most of us know the serious effects that too much stress can have on the human body, but many people may not have directly associated it with weight gain. The truth is that people who are overly stressed are much more likely to try to relieve it through binge eating or other unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol. Combating stress at its root cause is the best way to cut back to these other habits too. Yoga, meditation, stretching, massage, and deep breathing are just a few of the proven methods of stress-relief. Aim to maintain a regular sleep schedule every day so your body adapts to a regular routine.


Practice Mindful Eating

Sometimes, the way we eat can be a problem in itself. For example, try to avoid being a secret eater and consuming junk food when you think that no one is looking. When you are eating, give the food all of your attention rather than being focused on the television or another activity. As you eat, be aware of how hungry you still feel and whether you are just eating for the sake of eating. Pay attention to the act of eating and you are a lot less likely to overeat without even knowing it.


Seek Support From Others

Stopping yourself from gaining weight can be an uphill battle. It is particularly difficult if you are trying to do it without getting the support of others. Talk to your friends and family about the changes you are making and they are likely to support you on your quest. Make friends who are also into healthy eating and fitness. That way, you will be able to encourage each other and give tips and advice. If you are really struggling, there will be support groups out there which can help.

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