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Four Types of Training You Should Have Tried By Now

Four Types of Training You Should Have Tried By Now Posted On
Posted By Eve A

If you’re someone who’s interested in their fitness, there are some forms of training that you really should have tried out by now. There are lots of options out there, but rather than jumping on the latest trends, focus on the ones that produce long-term and proven results for your body and your health. Of course, not all of them will work for you. Some of them, you won’t enjoy at all. But you should, at least, try them once before rejecting them. Here are four types of training you should have tried by now.


  1. Circuit Training

During circuit training, you will combine weights with an aerobic workout. It you haven’t tried it before, it might seem a little daunting, but you can take it all at a pace that suits you. As long as you’re moving your body and lifting weights at the same time, your body will certainly benefit a great deal from this form of training. Try it with a class or with other people when you’re just starting out. That way, you will get the tips and pointers that will put you on the right track.


  1. Long Duration Training

Long duration is a form of low intensity workout. For that reason, some people can sometimes be a little dismissive of it. But not every form of training has to be fast-paced and high-intensity. You need to rediscover the value of moving a slower pace. And it doesn’t mean that your body won’t benefit because it certainly will. It helps to improve your overall endurance because your body will be forced to keep going and going when you really just want to give up. That’s something that’s really important in fitness and sports.


  1. High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT can be exhausting, and it is something that doesn’t last for so long. But it could be what your body needs if you want to sharpen it dramatically and up your fitness levels. Many people turn to high intensity interval training when they feel their bodies becoming a little less sharp and dropping some pace. They want to get back to peak physical condition, and that’s what HIIT assists you with. You will love this High Intensity Interval Training class if you haven’t tried it before. It’ll certainly reinvigorate you.


  1. Fartlek Training

This is a Swedish type of training that has now spread far and wide. Many people are trying it, and that’s because it combines elements of all the other types of training out there. The great thing about it is that it puts you through your paces comprehensively, throwing all kinds of challenges your way. Pretty much every level of intensity you can think of will be covered by Fartlek training. It’s something that you should definitely be aware of and try out if you’ve never heard of it before.


If there are any on this list that you have never considered before, make sure that changes. They could provide you with exactly what you’re looking for in terms of fitness training.


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