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Fitness Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

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Every area of life is full of myths and untruths. Unfortunately, many of them take a long time to go away. Even many years after something is scientifically proven to be false, it can still persist as the truth. Fitness is no different to anything else and has its myths and falsehoods. There are several that have been around forever and are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. When you try to convince some people that they’re wrong, they will stubbornly resist. But if you know the truth, you can at least take care of your own fitness. Try some myth busting before you go to your next workout.

Exercise Is the Main Key to Losing Weight

For many people who want to get fit, losing weight is a primary goal. They might also want to improve their stamina or build muscle, but dropping some pounds is often the first priority. When people plan to lose weight, they will often come up with an exercise plan which is more often than not focused on cardio. However, many experts suggest that interval training and weightlifting are better for losing weight. But, in any case, changing your diet is by far the best way to lose weight. Not much is going to happen if you don’t alter your eating habits. Find a weight loss diet at Prevention.com.


You Can Build Muscle Quickly

It’s not uncommon for people to have an idea of becoming buff almost overnight. They figure they can do a few crunches and curls, and they’re bound to start building muscle. However, growing muscle is a process that takes time. If you have a look at the guide at FitnessDeadline.com, you can gain a better understanding of what it takes to get stronger and build muscle. You need to be willing to commit the time and effort to achieve what you want. You need to understand how your workouts, diet and even the amount of rest you get play into how you can build muscle.

Stretching Before Your Workout Is Essential

Starting off your workout with some static stretching is pretty standard for many. However, it’s not necessarily the best way to start off your workout. In fact, you could be doing more damage than good by stretching before your workout. The best thing to do is to start warming up and gently stretching your muscles as you begin to exercise. If you want to stretch, it’s best to leave the stretching for the end of your workout when you’re cooling down. Alternatively, you might want to warm up a little before stretching.

No Pain, No Gain

This oft-repeated phrase suggests that you should be hurting when you workout or you’re not getting anywhere. While you should try to push past your limits when you exercise, your workouts shouldn’t hurt all the time. Some discomfort might occur when you’re trying hard to better yourself, but you shouldn’t be in pain all the time.

You should try to analyze the repeated claims you hear about keeping fit. You might find that many of them aren’t true, and perhaps never were.


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