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Finding Time For Fitness!

Finding Time For Fitness! Posted On
Posted By Eve A

In today’s ever increasingly busy world, finding time to work on your fitness can be tricky. But it is an essential because fitness is a vital element of both mental and physical health. So what can you do when your schedule is swamped, and you just can’t get to the gym? Read on to find out.



Well, the first thing that you can do is not worry so much about your usual exercises, as long as you are including a lot of walking into your day instead.

Walking 10,000 steps a day is believed to be enough to keep you fit and healthy. So, things like walking to work and going on a long walk in your lunch hour, will not only get your exercise quota in but will help you reduce stress and clear your head, but stay fit as well.

If you choose walking as an alternative activity then, it’s also a good to get a pedometer to track your steps. Then you know for sure that you are meeting your target each and every day.


Active commute

To take this idea further, perhaps you can build in workouts into other parts of your day. For example, instead of driving on your commute you could run to work or ride your bike?

Doing this too and from work, every day will keep you fit as a fiddle. Especially, if it’s a fairly long distance.

Of course, it does help to have shower facilities when you get to work so you can clean off and change. Otherwise, it might not be a very practical choice.


Working out at home

Something else that you can do if you are struggling to find time for your fitness regime in the day is moving your workout from your gym to your home. By doing this, you can workout first thing in the morning, or when you get home at night. Which is often a lot easier to do when you have other tasks and responsibility to do in the evening.

There are two choices for working out at home to pick from. The first is to go all out and invest in gym style equipment for your house. You can buy a treadmill, a weight bench, or even vibration plates for home use. So there is plenty that you can choose from.

The next option is to ditch the equipment and go with a fitness video download or DVD instead. These come in all shapes and sizes. So they are a great idea if you like to change up your workout, or are interesting in niche areas of fitness like line dancing or Tai Chi.


Office stretches

Lastly, even if you can’t fit in anytime for the proper workout, it’s still worth doing some basic stretches throughout the day.

This is because they can help reduce stress and tiredness. Meaning that you are more likely to have the energy and motivation to get through your day. As well as your next workout session, when you can find the time.



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