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Easy Breakfasts For Those in a Hurry

Easy breakfast for those in a hurry Posted On
Posted By Eve A

We all know the importance of a good breakfast, but sometimes life gets in the way. Rushing around in the morning, feeling tired or not having the stomach for certain foods can all lead to skipping our first meal which is bad news. If you’re guilty of this, it’s useful to have a couple of fail-safe breakfasts that you can prepare ahead of time. It takes the hassle out of eating in the morning and ensures you’re getting off to the best start. Here are a few ideas to consider.



A smoothie for breakfast is an excellent choice. It’s easy on the stomach, so ideal for those who can’t handle solid food is tasty and allows you to pack in plenty of the good stuff. Your smoothie should contain fruits, vegetables, protein (such as Greek yogurt) and healthy extras. Things like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax all work well and help to bump up the micronutrients and healthy fats. Chopping ingredients in the morning can be time-consuming, so get all of your prep work done ahead of time. Every weekend prepare your ingredients for the week ahead, carefully cut up everything you can to include and pop it into a sandwich bag for the freezer. You then just need to pop the contents into your blender with some juice or almond milk, and it’s ice cold and delicious. Ninja blenders can be useful as each cup is a perfect portion. Plus you can even screw on a travel lid on top, allowing you to sip your smoothie on your commute or at your desk at work.


Mini Omelettes

Eggs are a fantastic start to the day. Packed with protein and b vitamins, they’re filling and versatile. But if you don’t want to be stood over the stove in the morning no need to fret, these bites of eggy goodness can be prepared ahead. Chop up whatever ingredients you want inside them- tomato and spinach work well (as do mushroom and onion, but these will need to be cooked off a little first in a pan). Add the fillings to a muffin tin, and pour over a mixture of beaten eggs. Cook in the oven for around fifteen minutes or until the egg is firm. Pop them into a Tupperware box, and they keep in the fridge for a few days. Great to grab and go in the morning, or to have as a tasty, low-fat, high protein snack between meals.


Breakfast Muffins

In a perfect world, most of us would be dining on Danish pastries, pan au chocolat and croissants every morning. Delicious, but bad news from a health perspective! If you want your fix of sweetness but without ruining your healthy eating regime, breakfast muffins are a fantastic substitute. Using bananas and honey for sweetness along with wholemeal flour they’re high in fiber and goodness, even more so if you garnish with nuts or seeds on top (pumpkin, flax and poppy seeds all work well). There are plenty of recipes for these online, just be sure to follow the steps carefully. When it comes to baking you really can’t guess, the amounts need to be precise for the best results.



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