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Burn Calories in POUND’s Euphoric New Drumstick Workout

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Have you ever before gotten tired with doing the same exercise, week after week, month after month? * increases hand * I know I have. The repetitive the natural world of choosing a run or to rotate class could drive you crazy, as well as once in a while you wish to attempt something different, something that awakens new muscular tissues while keeping you mentally engaged. That workout is POUND Physical fitness.

When I strolled into the lesson held at the Carlton in Midtown NYC, I was introduced to the founders of Pound Fitness– Kirsten Potenza and also Christina Peerenboom. I was handed two Ripstix ™ (light heavy drumsticks) to “rock out while I exercise.”

The creators graciously took the time to obtain to know us and also share background on just how POUND Physical fitness began. Kirsten and Christina were both sick of the team fitness scene, usually really feeling like it was competitive and tight. As drummers they recognized that several muscle teams– including the core– are turned on when there is the motion of beating the drums on a drum set.

In their very own words: “POUND is a full-body exercise that combines cardio, conditioning, as well as core collaborate with the excitement as well as ecstasy of drumming.”

Each one of the techniques had some type of drumming, like banging the sticks with each other over your head or simply merely banging the floor following to you. When we began the class we did lots of squats and lunges, made a great deal of noise and increased our heart prices– but I barely noticed since the songs was so great and it was a lot fun banging the sticks with each other with my fellow classmates.

Since it was a demo we only got to attempt five songs, yet it was enough to get me hooked! I will certainly be looking for  a neighborhood POUND class to bring in the much needed range to my exercises. There are currently more than 2000+ certified POUND teachers all over the country (and also in Canada) and also the class burns up to 900 calories each session.

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Nellie is a healthy living blog writer at Brooklyn Energetic Mom as well as is typically creating on the subway, nuzzling with her two boys, and/or watching reality TELEVISION for sporting activity. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and also Facebook. Graphics politeness Nellie.

January 22nd, 2015


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