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5 Things You’ll Find At The Fountain Of Youth

5 Things You'll Find At The Fountain Of Youth Posted On
Posted By Eve A

You’re probably thinking, you’ve heard it all before. You’ve read so much information on your hunt for the Fountain Of Youth that your expertise would be valued by the World Health Organisation. Drink plenty of cold water. Get a healthy amount of sleep. Exercise every day. Don’t smoke. Avoid the sun as much as possible. Only eat organic. It’s all be spewed before, we know.


But while all of these have a super sweet influence on your skin’s youthful complexion, there are so many more steps you can take in order to keep your skin clear, soft, smooth and youthful. What’s more, some of these may surprise you a little.


Orange Veggies

Vitamin A is celebrated for its amazing abilities to reverse the effects of aging skin and create a smooth and enviable exterior. Well, for a healthy dose of this vitamin, you need to start adding carrots and sweet potato to your grocery list. When collagen needs restoring, these are things that will get the job done.


Green Tea

The reason green tea is so popular is that you are slurping on antioxidants. Sure, it tastes okay, but the main reason people drink it is due to its ability to reverse sun damage. If this has worked for you, then you should address your thank you letter to Catechin. This is the antioxidant that is at the center of all your good skin. What it does is protect you against UV rays and slow down the growth of age spots and moles.


Cooked Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the only foods that actually gain antioxidants when they are cooked. What makes them so good in the search for a youthful complexion is their levels of Lycopene, which is known to fight back against the sun’s harmful rays. Of course, not everyone likes the taste of tomatoes, we get that, which is where using authentic crystal tomato comes in. You get the same results without having to pinch your nose and bare the taste. Other veggies that take the podium on this front are beetroot and red peppers.  


Cleopatra Honey

Cleopatra was famed for her youthful looks, which stemmed from her healthy addiction to milk and honey baths. Back then there was nothing to prove this, except the proof being plastered across her perfect skin. However, modern science has shown that honey is totally amazing for skin. It opens your pores and moisturizes your skin with that thing we all love… antioxidants. So whatever face wash you are using, toss it in the bin and go down the honey route (unless your face wash is made of natural products, in which case hang on to it).


Hell Yes, H20

We were going to try and get through this list without mentioning water, but then we saw a picture of Christie Brinkley and, well, just look at her. She is in her 60s and yet she looks 35. It is mindboggling. However, she has put her stunning complexion down to her water intake. For as long as she can remember, she has guzzled a liter of the good stuff a day. It was wise. What water does is replenish your skin, keeping it plump and elasticated smooth, instead of going wrinkly or saggy like everyone else’s.

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