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5 Deliciously Healthy Summer Party Themes

5 Deliciously Healthy Summer Party Themes Posted On
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Frankfurters, cheeseburgers, ice cream … summertime celebrations could create chaos with your waistline.

We have actually got five summer celebration motifs that allow you settle back and also appreciate yourself instead of counting calories.



Roasted Tomatillo Salsa


Believe a lot more salsa, a lot less queso. Mexican food originates from fresh elements as well as basic preparations. There are a bunch of healthy and balanced Mexican recipes such as ceviche, a taco salad, and also fajitas with entire wheat wraps. There are just 146 calories in a Corona, so you could also appreciate a little draft beer.

Attempt this: Roasted Tomatillo as well as Pineapple Salsa

cucumber salad recipe 600


Great deals of eco-friendly yard and your besties can be so much enjoyable at an outing. Visit your local park with a Frisbee or beach ball and work up a cravings. When you’re done, plop down for an excellent meal with a range of salads. Believe poultry salad, cucumber salad, as well as flavored iced tea to maintain points refreshing and light.

Try this: Vinegar Cucumber Salad

shrimp ceviche


Clambakes are a New England staple, and rather healthy as far as food-themed occasions go. Just heat seafood and veggies with vapor. The antique method consists of warmed rocks, a sandpit, tarpaulin and seaweed, however you can improvise on the grill with a toasting pan and some water. It’s delicious!

Attempt this: Shrimp, Avocado, and Cilantro Ceviche



Not only are the little umbrellas as well as elaborate bouquet adorable, the food could be prepared fresh and also healthy and balanced. Preparation a menu with fresh-cut pineapple as a side, smoked pork and/or tuna, coconut water and macadamia nuts in an environment-friendly salad.

Try this: Pineapple Agua Fresca



This one is perfect for foodies for a difficulty. Challenge guests to bring a meal meal sourced mainly from their regional farmers market. They’ll be using only the best ingredients, loaded with flavor. Invite them to bring along recipe cards so they can exchange with good friends.

Attempt this: Roasted Salad

cajun kabobs
SURF & & LAWN Reinterpret surf and also grass for a real coastline party. Concentrate on hands foods that are easy to snatch as well as keep without sand. Great selections include shrimp, skewers of poultry or meat, and also a salad served in mugs brings in a little panache.


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