How To Deal With Sweets Craving

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How To Deal With Sweets Craving

Giving in to more candies, cookies and other refined sugars are the direct indication of sweets craving. It so hard to control to the extent that the more sweets you have the more you are looking forward to. At this point, you have to take action to manage your sugar intake given that it remains the main factor that works against healthy eating which would be the major contributory factor to overweight and other sugar related conditions.

Sweet craving is often an indication of blood sugar fluctuation. In most cases, it starts with dropping of blood sugar in the body, where the body responds by sending signals for additional sugars to keep it at the optimal level. It may also be an indication of hypoglycemia particularly if it is a chronic condition. Whichever the case, it is very crucial that you are careful with your food choice to ensure that your blood sugar is balanced.

Killing a habit is often a very hard process and requires discipline and dedication. In most of the cases, it will be advisable to work with help from friends and family members as they remind and encourage you on. The body should be trained to get used to less and less sweets, something that can only be achieved through step by step process. Here are a few methods widely used to fight sweets cravings.

Since most of craving comes in the afternoon and after meals, a substitute would provide a better alternative. An evening with peppermint tea or a box of raisins for afternoons will be a better way of fighting desires for sugars. Fruits too are nutritious and easy to carry around making them a good alternative too. In case sweets must be part of the diet, then 100% natural sweets such as fruits juice and dried fruits will be the best alternatives.

Nutritional experts also suggest that you should get busy and distracted given that this feeling only lasts for a couple of minutes. Buying your time out of sweet cravings may not be very easy, but the more engaging the activity you choose the more likely that you will succeed. Walking or jogging or even calling on friends are few of the options you have.

The other trick is to use goal setting and reward strategy. Getting through a day without a sugar treat is often very hard, and may require a reward so as to be able to hold on to it. Nevertheless, the achievement is often worth the reward. This is especially true and very practical because the mind is set to view the whole idea as a source of reward rather than an un-paying sacrifice.

In addition to this, being in close proximity to healthy snack foods greatly limits the accessibility of too much sugar. Practically, you would not drive into a store to buy sweets when you have nicely sliced mango in your snack box. The idea is that the strong desire to consume sugar will be quickly suppressed by a healthier alternative.

Whether is habitual or a sign of deficiency or unbalanced sugars in the blood, it is often good to do something about it. Too much calories in the blood fast accumulates into fats that are associated with several health risks. With determination and consistency however, you will be able to kick off sweets craving living longer and healthier life.

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