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The Crazy Fitness Benefits Of Dancing

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There are plenty of things we can do to stay fit. Most people go to the gym as it’s a great place to workout and really get some good exercise in. Others choose to run or cycle, as they’re wonderful calorie burning activities.

But, what about dancing? Yes, you heard me, dancing! Did you know that dancing has some amazing fitness benefits? If you don’t believe me, take a look at the points below:

Improved Aerobic Fitness

Dancing can go a long way to improving your aerobic fitness levels. The nature of dancing means you’re always moving throughout each song and you rarely have a chance to rest. This means you could be doing a good few minutes of constant movement at a very high pace. Doing this will greatly improve your aerobic fitness as it helps strengthen your heart and lungs and you develop the ability to exert energy for longer periods. Of course, this will benefit you when you’re doing other types of training too. Running on a treadmill will become easier for you, and you’ll be able to run faster for longer. In fact, any cardio workout you do will now be much easier. As a result, you can see better results as you can push yourself to a new level!

Burns Lots Of Calories

If you’re interested in losing weight and burning body fat, then dancing might be the activity for you. Did you know that you can burn a lot of calories simply by attending a dance lesson a few times per week? There are many styles of dance that are fantastic for really increasing your heart rate and making you sweat buckets. Sometimes, you can feel just as knackered after dancing as you can after a session on the treadmill. Don’t believe me? Attend a couple of salsa classes, and then you’ll see just how draining this can be. All the constant fast paced movements and limited rest times mean dance is essentially a form of HIIT. Consider adding a few classes to your weekly routine if you’re serious about losing weight.

Increases Flexibility

Almost every style of dance requires you to be flexible and supple. As a result, many classes focus on limbering up your muscles and getting you nice and bendy. By attending dance classes a few times a week, you’ll soon become incredibly flexible. This is a huge fitness benefit as flexibility helps with every type of training. The more flexible you are, the less prone you are to suffering injuries. Plus, it enables you to carry out exercises such as squats with proper form. So, you start seeing more gains from your workouts thanks to the flexibility you gained from dancing.


If you thought dancing was just a fun activity to do in your spare time, you’re wrong! It’s also a wonderful activity to add to your fitness routine. Seriously, if you want to improve your aerobic fitness, increase flexibility, and burn lots of calories, take up dancing today. You can do this alongside your regular gym workouts or instead of any cardio routines you used to do.


How To Stay Motivated While Training

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We all have dreams of obtaining maximum levels of fitness and keeping ourselves healthy. However, it’s very clear that many people struggle to do it. The temptation of McDonald's burgers and another glass of Coca-Cola is very difficult to resist. However, you’re training for a reason. You need to make sure you can stay motivated, even when you want to give up. So, here are a few ways to accomplish that goal when it becomes particularly difficult.

Set Goals

Everyone who has a desire to get fitter should set themselves long term goals. By doing this, you can plan for the future and give yourself a reason to keep going. Whether this is to build up for a big sports event or to look good in the summer, make sure you don’t lose sight of the overall target.

Take It One Day At A Time

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be the sort of person who wants everything done right away. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way life works. The things that are worth doing often require copious amounts of patience and hard work. As long as you’re making daily progress, you’re doing a good job. It’s only when you become overwhelmed that you feel the task is too difficult. Don’t let yourself get into this mindset.

Treat Yourself

OK, so you can’t eat and drink badly, but treating yourself on a very rare occasion isn’t the end of the world. Eating a piece of cake or drinking a can of coke is OK in moderation. If you don’t want to do this, you can always treat yourself to fitness gear! Use a nike coupon code to buy a new pair of running shoes or buy new gadgets to help track your progress. This is a great way of treating yourself as well as improve your fitness training.

Keep A Diary Or Training Log

Sometimes, you need a written reminder as to why you’re doing this. By recording your thoughts in a diary, you can go back to the start and see how far you’ve come. Training logs also allow you to monitor your progress over time. You can see how close you are to reaching your goals, and how much better your fitness is now than when you started. This is the sort of motivation I need from time to time, and it’s something that can benefit many other people, too.

Seek Encouragement From Friends & Family

We all like to feel good about ourselves. Don’t be afraid to talk about your fitness efforts with friends and family. You’ll probably find they bring it up in conversation anyway and tell you how great you look. They’ll offer encouragement which is very important as you continue to train. There will be times when you think you’ve had enough, but their reassurance will put you back on the right path.

You can’t be motivated 100% of the time, but there are enough ways to remind yourself why you’re still doing this. Whatever you do; don’t give up!

Top 25 Health Myths That We Need To Stop Believing

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In between the old wives tales and urban myths, there is a lot bad information out there when it pertains to ideas on our health, diet and fitness. You understand the sort of stuff: carrots assist you see in the dark, scaring somebody cures their hiccups, the five-second rule, etc.

But how can you know what is actually true and what has been misshaped and lost throughout the years? This video by list25 reveals 25 misconceptions about staying healthy and fit that have been negated after scientific study.



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How to Exercise Smarter, Not Longer

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If you truly intend to change your body, get lean and also specified, build muscle mass, and have limitless energy, after that you have to strive. However hard does not indicate long. From Thinspired: Just how I Lost 90 Pounds-- My Strategy for Enduring Weight reduction and also Self-Acceptance.

When I initially began exercising, the most effective I could do on a treadmill was a 4.5 miles per hour jog, with no incline, a run that was actually difficult for me at the time. Today, I could run 7.0 mph, at a 7 % slope, which feels equally as difficult. While I'm plainly in much better form, it really feels the exact same to me, and also it should. When 7.0 begin to feel comfy, I'll go up to 7.5. As my pal, super‐trainer Noah Neiman says, "It never ever ends up with much easier. You just get more powerful."

Difficult doesn't imply long. You should additionally be functioning clever, which indicates you do not need to spend hours at the gym. You do not have to run ten miles. As a matter of fact, you should not be working out for as well long, since at a particular point your performance takes a dive. You 'd marvel exactly how swiftly you could obtain an extreme, outstanding, results-producing exercise. If you function wise, and hard, 25-45 minutes four to 5 times a week will certainly be sufficient. Your objective at the health club must be to obtain in, eliminate it, and also go out. For many of us, that indicates un‐learning every little thing you understand about cardio. Many people assume that the way to melt fat as well as getting into far better form is by doing the exact same workout for a long period of time. For instance, they'll choose to take up running, and also run six miles at the same rate. That's called constant state cardio, considering that you're not varying your intensity in any way. Yet brand-new research study reveals that differing your strength is in fact a lot more efficient. High-intensity period training(HIIT)includes alternating between brief bursts of low and high strength.

As an example, on a treadmill, you may run as quickly as you could for 45 seconds, and after that recuperate with a light jog or a stroll for 45 secs. You duplicate this for 25 mins, 45 secs on, 45 secs off. The goal is to surge your heart rate at max intensity, and after that create it back down. The vital point is that your high‐intensity periods are really high intensity. Periods of jogging as well as walking are not visiting be reliable. Throughout your high-intensity interval you must be running like somebody is chasing you. HIIT really is a present from the health and fitness gods. Not just does it feel much more workable thanks to brief periods, and provide you an actually great exercise in a brief amount of time, it's likewise much more effective compared to extended periods of reduced strength exercise, like running. You melt more total fat, and also general you're exercising at a greater strength. HIIT has been shown to increase your cardio capacity quicker than traditional training, meanings you'll be visibly much more fit rather. But ideal of all, HIIT provides you "afterburn,"which is the fitness true blessing of all blessings! After interval training, your body will certainly remain to shed calories for approximately 24 Hr, while you go around your regular life. This does not accompany constant state training. In short, you're ending up with a much more reliable exercise in less time. How's that for a win-win? Weight training is an additional method to work smart. Muscle mass shed more calories than fat, meanings if you have more muscle mass, you're going to be melting even more calories generally, even when you're doing absolutely nothing. Building muscle mass is a way to obtain your physical body to operate in your support, aiding you to drop weight and also be much more reliable total. Simply like with cardio, you have to strive while toughness training, or you will not build muscle.Here's just how your physical body develops muscle mass: when you raise a weight that's larger compared to just what your physical body is useded to, it rips as well as problems your muscular tissue fibers. Later on, your physical body repairs and rebuilds these fibers, and your muscle expands. But your body is excellent at adapting, as well as soon it will be utilized to the weight you're lifting. The only way to develop muscle is to submit your body to even more anxiety

Compared to it's utilized to. The only method to do that is to lift steadily much heavier weights. If the weight you're lifting feels simple, after that you need to go larger. You must go as heavy as you could without giving up type. Ladies, do not acquire into the misconception that raising heavy weights will certainly make you large. That's nonsense! Women that look like bodybuilders function exceptionally difficult to end up with that figure. Oftentimes, that's their profession, and also they devote a tremendous quantity of work and also discipline into ending up with that physical body. Don't children yourself as well as think you're going to appear like that just considering that you grab a 15-pound weight. If just it were so easy! Raising heavy is one more way to reduce down your time at the health club. You don't should do a million reps with

A light-weight. With a hefty weight, you can end up with wonderful results by doing 3 sets of eight reps. Just make certain the weight is heavy enough that on that 8th representative, you actually feel like you couldn't possibly do one even more. Bear in mind, it's clever and tough, not one or the various other. A fast note about striving, for all you overzealous viewers available-- press on your own, yet don't be dumb. The last thing you desire is an

injury, because that will take you out of payment for a while. You know on your own better than any person. You understand when you're being totally lazy and could do more. You also recognize when you're really pressing it and are likely to end up with injured. Paying attention to your physical body is just as important as testing it.

Burn Calories in POUND’s Euphoric New Drumstick Workout

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By Nellie Acevedo for

Have you ever before gotten tired with doing the same exercise, week after week, month after month? * increases hand * I know I have. The repetitive the natural world of choosing a run or to rotate class could drive you crazy, as well as once in a while you wish to attempt something different, something that awakens new muscular tissues while keeping you mentally engaged. That workout is POUND Physical fitness.

When I strolled into the lesson held at the Carlton in Midtown NYC, I was introduced to the founders of Pound Fitness-- Kirsten Potenza and also Christina Peerenboom. I was handed two Ripstix ™ (light heavy drumsticks) to "rock out while I exercise."

The creators graciously took the time to obtain to know us and also share background on just how POUND Physical fitness began. Kirsten and Christina were both sick of the team fitness scene, usually really feeling like it was competitive and tight. As drummers they recognized that several muscle teams-- including the core-- are turned on when there is the motion of beating the drums on a drum set.

In their very own words: "POUND is a full-body exercise that combines cardio, conditioning, as well as core collaborate with the excitement as well as ecstasy of drumming."

Each one of the techniques had some type of drumming, like banging the sticks with each other over your head or simply merely banging the floor following to you. When we began the class we did lots of squats and lunges, made a great deal of noise and increased our heart prices-- but I barely noticed since the songs was so great and it was a lot fun banging the sticks with each other with my fellow classmates.

Since it was a demo we only got to attempt five songs, yet it was enough to get me hooked! I will certainly be looking for  a neighborhood POUND class to bring in the much needed range to my exercises. There are currently more than 2000+ certified POUND teachers all over the country (and also in Canada) and also the class burns up to 900 calories each session.

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January 22nd, 2015


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